Pig Pops

What a fIMG_6003[1]un dessert these were to make! They were requested by a mom whose kids took pigs to the Knox County fair and she wanted to send a cake pop to each of the buyers! What an awesome idea! Yes, these were fun but they were also very time-consuming. I made the cake Monday afternoon, let it cool for a few hours, then shaped my cake pops and put them in the fridge (this took about 2 hours). The next day, I did the dipping and decorations and let them sit overnight (this took about 3-4 hours). Then, this morning I packaged them all in individual baggies so they’re ready to be delivered tonight! What an experience! I’ve never done animals for cake pops so I certainly learned a lot from this job. If you’d like the recipe for these, feel free to message or email me and I’ll be happy to send it to you!

***Do you currently reside in the Central Ohio area and want to learn more about YL Essential Oils and sample some goodies made by Treats by Taran? Contact me at tmossdesserts@gmail.com for more information about our upcoming events!

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